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Dear fellow Neopians

This is pretty much in response to all the recent freezings lately, and how bad things have gotten in that respect.

One of the things that had always bothered me about Neo is that there's really no detailed list of rules. Sure, there's references to "look at Editorial #123 for that rule" or "The News on 11/29/02 will clear that up." There seems to be a million and one unspoken rules that an innocent person would easily break without knowing they did anything wrong. The Terms and Conditions is less a list of rules than a list of jargon in place to protect the website owners. They have a right to protect themselves, of course, but we do too!

What do you think about petitioning or asking TNT for a complete, detailed list of rules that's all in one place and easy to reference? It would sure make it easy for us, and I suspect it would make it easier for them if they had a clear protocol of some kind of follow when freezing/unfreezing. I'm thinking the tiny rules, such as "Don't transfer more than x amount of items/np between accounts, it looks like scamming and will get you frozen" or "Having more than 40 million np on hand will glitch and reset you to 0 np" or "The highest score you should ever get on Meerca Chase is x, sorry but if you get more, don't send it in." There's bound to be many users who wouldn't read it at all, but those of us who are dedicated players and worried about our accounts sure would. It's a good idea to put restrictions in place to stop scammers, but us honest players need to know too!!

If you would like sign the petition here

I am sorry if i x-posted?? i don't know what it is???? can you help me out?
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